Welcome to Traveling Fork!  We created this little portal into our lives as a way to share our passion for food and travel with others who are interested in eating well and traveling off the beaten path. Our hope is to inspire you all to feel more comfortable cooking at home, to care about where your food comes from, to travel near and far, and to embrace the simple pleasures in life - like sharing a home cooked meal and a bottle of wine with friends. Food is so much more than just fuel for the body.  Its a way to connect with people, explore cultures and experience the most universally appreciated form of art.

We believe that the best diets - and the most traditional diets - are the ones that celebrate whole foods like fresh produce, humanely raised meat, full-fat dairy from grass-fed animals, healthy fats like nuts and seeds, and whole grains. These are the foods that keep us nourished and feeling alive, so our recipes are based around these ingredients. Healthy eating is a priority we have made for ourselves and it's a lifestyle that we believe in. Living in a world where convenience is king, it can be challenging at times, but it's well worth the effort. 

Our other passion in life (aside from good food) is travel. We both strongly believe that travel makes us - and you - a better person. We're not talking about a week spent on a beach at an all-inclusive resort drinking frozen pina coladas or sight-seeing from seat 12A on a luxury tour bus. No. The travel that we're talking about are the adventures that take you out of your comfort zone and put you face to face with the locals and their real way of life and the environment that they live in. Even if it makes you uncomfortable. These are the beautiful experiences and opportunities that allow us to appreciate the extraordinary diversity and magnificence that abounds in our world. Travel - real travel - breaks down stereotypes and dissolves the fear that the media is so intent on shoving in our faces.  

So through our stories, travels, and recipes we hope to inspire you to strengthen your connection with food and go out your front door and see the world. There's too much to lose if we don't. 

We hope you enjoy our recipes and stories!

Becky, main content writer, recipe developer, and nutritionist extraordinaire, recently graduated from Bastyr University with a Masters in Nutrition. She now spends most of her free time cooking away in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes, and drinking too much coffee.  Noah works as a photographer in Seattle and also spends a fair amount of time in the kitchen strewing flour about and getting dough stuck in all the smallest cracks (he's recently discovered the joys of homemade sourdough bread and pizza crust). He also drinks too much coffee.

More About Becky: 
originally from vermont//worked for 5 years as a massage therapist on a small cruise ship//loves yoga and biking//has traveled to 27 different countries//is obsessed with donkeys//has a masters in nutrition from bastyr university//can do a handstand//doesn't like zucchini or radishes//has given a massage to chevy chase//prefers mountains over the ocean//loves everything anthropologie//will never go bungi jumping

More About Noah: 
hails from alaska//proud former co-owner of the spruce needle//freelance photographer//grew up on a fishing boat and float house//practices jiu jitsu//loves coffee and good wine//enjoys mountains and the ocean but not a big fan of the beach//hikes//sucker for sushi//usually gets lost for better or for worse//makes a mean omelette//eats anything even uni//especially uni//travels via VW bus